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Why More Overseas Talent Are Returning Home to China

According to a survey, nearly 60% of the Chinese interviewed in the United States have the intention of returning to China. According to data from, the number of overseas returnees seeking jobs in China increased by about 34% in 2020 – not only because of China’s rapid economic development, but also because the country can provide more abundant and superior opportunities for returnees, as well as a better environment,…

May 2021 U.S Economy is Strong, With a 559,000 Additional Job Outlook

In May 2021, the total nonfarm payroll increased by 559,000, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, while the unemployment rate declined by 0.3%. Industries with the most career gains included hospitality and leisure, education, and healthcare.1 Below, we examine the Bureau of Labor Statistics job report for April and May of 2021. This data includes the current U.S unemployment rate, job openings, hire versus separation rate, as well…

4 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile (Job Seeker Edition)

Headquartered in New Jersey since 1984, Comrise is a staffing, consulting, and enhanced search technology company. For over 35+ years we have delighted our clients, consultants, and job seekers by focusing on customer satisfaction, innovation, and flexible workforce solutions! Job seekers today are seeking simple ways to update their current LinkedIn profiles while improving the job search process in the long run.  Below, we’ve outlined real advice from recruiters, resume…

Comrise: A Great Organization Needs a Great Culture

  Chris Ciulla is the President of U.S and Cross Border Operations at Comrise; he is also the author of the best-selling book “WeCulture.” Comrise Reading Club’s fourth recommendation: “WeCulture” Comrise Reading Club aims to build a platform for learning and sharing, and everyone is welcome to contribute. Contact email: (Please specify “Reading Club” in the subject line) In modern enterprises, managers usually agree that corporate culture is a…

What Is Most Important to Job Seekers in 2021? (Survey Results)

According to an anonymous survey, which consisted of over 1,946 U.S job seekers, 55.80% emphasized the critical importance of including information on salary range and benefits in job descriptions. In this survey, which was conducted in April 2021, a global staffing agency sought to determine what factors are most important to candidates as they navigate the job search.    Key Findings: 55.80% of U.S job seekers stated that it’s important…

Women in Leadership – Comrise Discusses Women Experience Collaborating with Male Counterparts in the Workplace

. Women in Leadership – Comrise Discusses Women Experience Collaborating with Male Counterparts in the Workplace Press release Comrise’s Recruitment Supervisor, Anna Sese, and Director of Operations, Michael Ferrara, address key questions regarding diversity & inclusion in the workplace and the hiring process. As a minority-owned and operated business, Comrise staffing services ensure that diversity & inclusion are prevalent to what we do by incorporating this into the workplace, company…

Comrise: The Bridge Between Enterprises and Returnee Talent

Comrise: Bridge Between Enterprises and Returnee Talents Due to the rapid development of China’s economy, the return of overseas talents has become a general trend, However, the growth of returnees is also increasing the need for employment in China. Below is an overview of the job market for returnee talent in the U.S considering the move back to China. In addition, we have also included an analysis of what enterprises…

How to Go Into Your Next Interview Feeling Confident & Prepared

Let’s face it, everyone has to battle pre-interview nerves, even the most experienced professionals. However, when you prepare correctly by conducting thorough research, rehearsing your responses with a friend, and focusing on a positive mindset, you will feel much more confident. The 4 tips below will guide you through the process as you prepare for your next interview.    1. Research the Company and the Role First, it’s important to…

How Comrise Can Resolve Overseas Recruitment Struggles Faced By Enterprises

With the calming down of the pandemic and the rapid recovery of the economy, the demand for China’s 2021 overall talent market is gradually expanding. At the same time, with the continuous enhancement of science and technology in China, along with its growing economy and international influence, a large number of elite talents are attracted to return home for development. As enterprises recruit overseas returnees, it has been discovered that…