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“My recruiter was very professional. She provided key information that helped me set up my interview strategy, which was then followed by a job offer. The entire process was smooth and targeted. Thank you, Comrise, for helping me throughout my job search!”
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Market Watch: The Employment Situation for Returnees in China

More and more overseas talent are choosing to return home to China for both personal and professional development. Other reasons include China’s rapid economic and technological development, more abundant and superior work opportunities, and a better sense of belonging. So what is the current employment status of returnees in China? Learn more below. Analysis of the employment situation According to statistics, 95% of returnees choose employment after returning home to…

What Makes a Positive Company Culture?

The conversation about company culture is one that never ends. Many times, company culture can make or break someone’s commitment to an organization. Employees dedicate over 40 hours a week to their jobs, so learning what they value is critical in terms of building a positive work environment.  On December 2nd 2021, we launched a 3-day LinkedIn poll with the goal of determining what factors people value most in a…

Comrise Listed as One of 2021’s Top 10 Foreign Enterprises in China’s Headhunting Industry

Comrise Listed as One of 2021’s Top 10 Foreign Enterprises in China’s Headhunting Industry In mid-November, TopHR released the “2021 China headhunting industry ranking”. The list recognized Comrise as a top foreign enterprise in China’s Headhunting Industry. TopHR, China’s leading third-party media platform for human resources, has launched the “China headhunting industry ranking” for seven consecutive years. The annual list is investigated and analyzed from multiple dimensions. These dimensions include…

Why LinkedIn Is Beneficial for Your Career

Have you been looking for your dream job but given little to no attention to your Linkedin profile? Whether you’re involved in business, IT, healthcare, etc., building and expanding your LinkedIn profile is one of the best ways you can effectively market yourself to potential employers.  Below, we will spotlight a few ways that it can benefit your career.  You can build your personal & professional brand LinkedIn is a…

Case Study: How to Resolve Overseas Recruitment Challenges

Recruiting talents overseas has always been a challenge for enterprises in China with an international vision. Today, the challenge is more serious than ever before. Below, Tracy Zeng, Comrise China’s Industrial Team Lead, spotlights a time when Comrise helped a client win.    Background: One of the world’s top 500 manufacturing enterprises has cooperated with Comrise for more than 10 years now. Due to the company’s strategic development, it needs…

Q&A: How Does Comrise Bridge the Gap for Returnees? (Feat. Yunfan Li)

As China’s economy and international influence continues to excel, there are endless opportunities for both personal and professional development. This is one of the key reasons why many overseas returnees are looking to travel back home to China for employment.  Yunfan Li, our Cross-Border HR Specialist, highlighted common challenges faced by overseas returnees, in addition to how Comrise helps our candidates overcome these struggles.   Erica DiNapoli: What are common…

Q&A: How Comrise Resolves Challenges Faced by Overseas Enterprises

During the process of going global, Chinese enterprises are bound to face major transformation. In particular, how to find “local talents” overseas has become an inevitable challenge for their sustainable development.  In this article, Amanda Wang, Business Unit Manager of Comrise China, spotlights some of the common challenges that are faced and how Comrise helps enterprises overcome these struggles.    Why is Comrise a good partner for overseas recruitment of…

5 Reasons You Should Look To Recruiters for Your Next Job

As the end of the year nears, some may start considering changing career paths and exploring new opportunities. Starting a job search may seem scary, which is why Recruiters are here to help you along the way. Below, we’ll discuss five reasons why you should look to a Recruiter for your next job search. Resume and Interview Advice Some of the most notable characteristics of Recruiters are their dedication to…

Q&A: Overcoming Overseas Recruitment Struggles

In our latest interview, we sat down with Emma Wu, China Cross-Border Services (CBSS) Team Lead, who highlighted overseas recruitment struggles faced by enterprises, why many people are looking to return home to China, and how she helps her clients find candidates who are a perfect fit for their company culture.   Erica DiNapoli: When did you start your journey with Comrise? What stood out to you about the organization…