Comrise hosts a variety webinars and virtual events to help job candidates throughout their job search! Check out our upcoming event schedule below, along with recordings from past webinars. 

February 11th, 2022: 

Live Webinar: Working in the U.S  vs China: The Importance of Setting End-Goals


On Friday, February 11th, we hosted our very first webinar of 2022! The virtual event was hosted by Yunfan Li, Comrise Cross-Border HR Specialist, who dove into the critical importance of setting end-goals, along with the role that they play in your career journey. Our special guests, Chris Ciulla, President of U.S and Cross-Border Services at Comrise, and Jo Wang, Comrise Cross-Border Account Executive, shared a combination of clinical knowledge and first-hand experience that will help set international students up for success as they map out their personal and professional goals. 

Watch the recording here.

April 1st, 2022: 

Live Webinar: Looking to Return Home to China For Employment?


Looking to return home to China for employment, but not sure where to get started? On April 1st, Yunfan Li, Comrise Cross-Border HR Specialist, and Jo Wang, Comrise Cross-Border Account Executive, discussed the benefits of returning home to China for employment, important factors that should be taken into consideration, tips on how to adjust to the different culture once you are back home, who you should go to for guidance, and more!

Watch the recording here.



June 3rd, 2022:

Information Session: Concerned About A Family Member Overseas?

In our upcoming information session, Yunfan Li, Comrise Cross Border HR Specialist, and Jo Wang, Comrise Account Executive, will address common concerns that parents may have when a family member decides to go overseas for school and/or employment. Yunfan and Jo will also discuss how you could better support your child throughout this journey, and will share a few stories based on their personal experience. 

More details on this event will be coming soon, so stay tuned!