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Why More Overseas Talent Are Returning Home to China

6月 16, 2021
Overseas Returnees

According to a survey, nearly 60% of the Chinese interviewed in the United States have the intention of returning to China. According to data from, the number of overseas returnees seeking jobs in China increased by about 34% in 2020 – not only because of China’s rapid economic development, but also because the country can provide more abundant and superior opportunities for returnees, as well as a better environment, a sense of belonging, etc. 

Returnees are highly educated and experienced candidates. According to statistics, returnees with a master’s degree or above accounted for 74% of the total number of returnees in 2020. The proportion of experienced “mature returnees” has continued to rise significantly since 2015.

In terms of employment, industries such as technology, internet, finance, and I.T, are popular amongst overseas returnees. This is closely related to the development of China in these fields in recent years, the scale of enterprises in these fields, the degree of internationalization, as well as the level of science and technology that are among the world’s top ranks. For these reasons, fields as such have attracted a large number of high-end overseas returnees.

So why do more and more overseas talents choose to return home for development? 


Career Development Analysis

Regarding fields such as technology, internet, finance, and other popular industries where returnees are employed, in the United States, the percentage of Chinese in managerial roles and above is lower than the “overall level”. In other words, Chinese have a higher chance of hitting a “career ceiling” in the U.S, while returnees with extensive overseas work experience tend to have a fair and better career at home.

According to a LinkedIn, returnee job candidates with overseas work experience are often in positions that are significantly higher than those of overseas Chinese. In fact, the proportion of those in managerial roles or above increased from 28% to 42%.  Knowledge, skills, vision, and innovative ability of returnees are generally favored by enterprises. Therefore, returnees in China are more likely to get better opportunities for development and display their talents.


Treatment Analysis

Furthermore, there are also better development opportunities for returned talent. According to a survey, over 60% of enterprises in the recruitment of returned talent give “special favors” to returnees. And over 80% of enterprises provide overseas returnees with more favorable treatment. According to the data: about 33% of returnees with overseas work experience see a salary increase between 20% – 50%. About 31% of salaries rose within 20%.

In addition to salary incentives, there are many other types of incentives for returnees. For example, in Beijing, if a returnee candidate wins the title of “Distinguished Expert,” there is a reward of one million renminbi (RMB). 

Through the above analysis, we conclude that career development has its many advantages for overseas returnees. However, returnee candidates have found that locating satisfying job opportunities in their desired industry are not always guaranteed. Luckily, Comrise provides an exceptional solution: our Returnee Program! 


How Does Our Returnee Program Work? 

Step 1: We help returnees clearly understand the current state of the marketplace

Step 2: Returnees will receive interview skills, professional development, and a salary range

Step 3: Comrise will provide assistance through the job offer process

Step 4: Our professionals will provide assistance through the on-boarding process

Step 5: We will follow-up with candidates regarding their adjustment to the new role

Returnee Program Steps

Learn more about our Returnee Program today and don’t forget to follow Comrise on LinkedIn for the latest job postings, team updates, interview tips, and more!

Original article published in Mandarin via Comrise WeChat:


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