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Employee Labor Productivity Q&A featuring Chris Ciulla

6月 1, 2022

On May 25, 2022, Comrise released a white paper report analyzing U.S. Labor Productivity since the COVID-19 pandemic.  The report included findings from well-known companies such as Mercer, McKinsey, Owl Labs, and Great Place to Work, as well as additional data derived from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Being that most companies went fully remote during the pandemic, as the situation slowly started to see improvements, some companies either implemented hybrid work schedules or decided that remote was here to stay. However, one of the biggest concerns prior to these decisions were employee productivity and adaptability.

At Comrise, employees located in New Jersey have been operating on a hybrid work schedule. On the other hand, employees located outside of the NJ region have been working fully remote. President of U.S. Operations and Cross Border Services, Chris Ciulla, shares his experience on employee productivity, promoting a positive work environment remotely, as well as workforce predictions for the future. See what he had to say below:

What has employee productivity been like in the United States these past few years and how was it impacted during the pandemic?

Chris: “Even before COVID-19, U.S employers were moving toward ‘outcome-based’ leadership governed by KPIs to measure employee performance. The pandemic truly put this strategy to the test in the white collar arena as many employers were forced to move to a remote work model. Those that were able to adapt quickly saw their investment pay off with significant increases in employee productivity.”

Where do you see labor productivity (in the U.S) in the next 3-5 years?

Chris: “According to a study published by Mercer, 94% of employers say that employee productivity remained the same or improved as the white collar workforce settled into long-term remote or hybrid work models. We expect that many organizations will continue offering flexible work policies to capitalize on stronger productivity. This could also be used as a tool to attract top talent.”

How do you maintain a positive, collaborative, and productive work environment at Comrise despite the hybrid work model?

Chris: “At Comrise, we focus on our core values and Four-Win Principle to guide our colleagues. When we initially switched to a remote work model, productivity per desk increased from 2019 to 2020. This was also the case in 2021 when we started offering a hybrid work schedule, with one day a week in the office. The key to our success is based on Comrise WeCulture’s ‘trust first’ approach; meaning if we hire the right people we don’t need to monitor tasks as we lead to desired outcomes.”

What advice would you give to another executive who is on the fence about maintaining a remote or hybrid work model after the health crisis is over?

Chris: “Data shows that productivity for white collar workers increased while working from home. Instead of applying a ‘one-size fits all approach’, let each department evaluate the right strategy for their specific teams. Use data to inspect what you expect through meaningful KPIs that guide teams toward results. Flexibility will increase employee engagement by building trust. It will also help you attract and retain top talent.”

If you’d like to download the full white paper report, click here: 

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All data referenced in this article came from the sources below:

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