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Comrise: The Bridge Between Enterprises and Returnee Talent

3月 26, 2021

Comrise: Bridge Between Enterprises and Returnee Talents

Due to the rapid development of China’s economy, the return of overseas talents has become a general trend, However, the growth of returnees is also increasing the need for employment in China. Below is an overview of the job market for returnee talent in the U.S considering the move back to China. In addition, we have also included an analysis of what enterprises can expect from returnee candidates in the market today. 

An analysis of the job market for returnees

According to the data of China’s large-scale online recruitment websites, the number of returned talents increased by more than 70% year over year, while the number of related jobs decreased by about 20% year over year due to the greater impact of the pandemic in 2020. It is worth noting that: the recruitment demand of small and mid-sized enterprises for returnee talents has decreased significantly, while the recruitment demand of enterprises with more than 10,000 employees has increased by about 13% over the same period.

In 2021, the demand for China’s overall talent market is gradually expanding, and the number of overseas returnees is also increasing. More enterprises are beginning to pay attention to the global talent strategy, especially in industries like 5g, AI, Internet of things, and other high-speed development fields. In addition, according to the data, most returnees hope to develop in the first or new first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and other cities most favored by returnees.

Jobseeker concerns of returned talents

According to the survey, the overall job satisfaction of returnees is low, and only 33% of them are satisfied. Even many returned talents become are waiting overseas because they cannot find a job to their liking.

What causes the employment problem of returnees?

  1. Some returnees do not know enough about the needs of enterprises and the market environment, resulting in the failure to form accurate goals and relatively perfect career planning
  2. The cultural differences between China and foreign countries are large, and some returnees can’t adjust themselves in a short time, which leads to “improper choice”;
  3. Some returnees are not accurate enough to evaluate the employment situation and their own value.


For returnees, Comrise staffing services work with placing Chinese bicultural talent living in the U.S, with their next great job opportunity in China. Read more on the cross-border recruitment services below.

Comrise’s recruitment service for overseas returnees

For overseas returnees, a good career consultant is necessary for returning to China for your next career opportunity. Comise provides customized overseas returnees recruitment service (attract talents to China), which helps enterprises to recruit high-end returnees efficiently, quickly, and accurately while also providing satisfactory job matching opportunities for returnees.

Key benefits of working with Comrise as a returnee:

  1. Comrise is able to grasp the development trend of the enterprise/industry, be familiar with the market information and changes, and be familiar with the talent map of mainstream companies in the industry, so as to help returnees clearly understand their position in the domestic market/industry;
  2. Based on the characteristics of overseas returnees, Comrise will analyze and elaborate the advantages of the recommended positions/enterprises, the development prospects, team size, working environment, corporate culture, and other key information that is difficult to obtain through “themselves”, so as to help overseas returnees make accurate judgments and expectations of “new jobs”;
  3. Comrise can introduce “overseas returnees candidates” to enterprises 360 degrees without dead space, and explain in detail the “matching degree” between candidates and positions, so as to effectively help candidates stand out quickly;
  4. During the whole process of overseas returnees’ job hunting, Comrise will provide them with a series of effective suggestions such as interview skills, development direction, and the most realistic salary level.

If you would like to get in contact with a member of our cross border recruitment team, please send your resume or business cooperation to:


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