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What is the Difference Between RPO and Staffing Services?

六月 10, 2020

This week, Comrise asked BU Manager, Betty Tao, to discuss the differences between recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and staffing services for global companies.

  1. Function
    RPO is called recruitment process outsourcing, which mainly refers to the outsourcing of daily recruitment of personnel to reduce the pressure and workload of personnel, namely, to provide enterprises with suitable talents. Recruiting is the engagement of 3rd party to source for senior talent to provide recruitment services for senior management talents and key technical positions. Both models can be adopted concurrently but there are main differences due to the volume, job grade, and seniority.
  2. Delivery
    Recruiting or staffing services provide suitable job candidates for enterprises, and other services such as interview assistance, intermediate communication, background checks, etc. While RPO is an “end to end” service that includes the following: hiring, interviewing, salary, training, induction, etc., until the candidate returns to work. In the early stages, I cooperated with the HR recruitment department, and it is also very important to maintain after entry
  3. Difference of Volume
    Recruiting positions are relatively high in position and salary but low I volume to hiring. RPO positions are higher in volume and tend to be exclusive.
  4. Communication and Process
    Recruiters search for top talents for high-end positions, review the job description to source the best candidates and have HR explain the requirements to multiple parties at the same time, and make a brief communication before the right person is available. RPO provides a way to find talent for benchmarking, enterprise benchmarking Mapping service, and Client recruitment communications can also serve as a window for the customer’s brand image and publicity for group recruitment.

The close cooperation between the RPO onsite team and the various business stakeholders and hiring managers will enable the team to better engage candidates with an insight into the interviewing styles and well-hiring patterns. From my own experience, such hiring intelligence allows me to approach the talent market with the perspective of both the client and the talent marketplace and would enhance our ability to fulfill the recruitment needs.

For the next article, I will discuss different methods of recruitment in the current marketplace. In addition, I will also include the importance of attention to detail in regards to obtaining the best hiring results. In fact, recruitment is not completed by one department of HR, but by cross-department cooperations. It is all about hiring the “right fit” for your talent needs.

Original article version (published in Chinese):

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