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Top 10 Careers In Technology 2019

February 25, 2019

The technology industry continues to strive toward creating new jobs, better workers compensation, and career advancement. As a result, the industry offers more career opportunities every year for professionals and tech managers in the field. Recently, the U.S News released an updated list for the projected ‘10 Best Jobs in Technology 2019’. We’ve examined these jobs by how they are ranked annually based on the projected number of job openings, opportunity to advance and pay scale.

Below, we’ve compared the median salaries of the Top Careers in Technology from 2018 to 2019. This percent change depends on the prospected job growth and career opportunities within each desired field. The average year-to-year median salary increase was 2.31%. Industry professionals can use these statistics to see which IT careers are thriving, declining, or remaining constant each year.


Let Comrise help you with your next career move! If you are interested in any of these technology jobs listed here, view our jobs to be considered for potential openings we currently have available.

#1- Software Developer: Remains #1 on the list for best jobs in technology!

· Projected jobs: 255, 400

· Median Salary: $101,790

· Unemployment rate: 1.9%

#2- Computer Systems Analyst: Up two spots from the previous year.

· Projected jobs: 54,400

· Median salary: $88,270

· Unemployment rate: 2.1%

#3- IT Manager: Remains #3 on the list for the best jobs in technology.

· Projected jobs: 44,200

· Median salary: $139,220

· Unemployment rate: 2.4%

#4- Information Security Analyst: Down two spots from the previous year

· Projected jobs: 28,500

· Median salary: $95,510

· Unemployment rate: 4.1%

#5- Database Administrator: Up two spots from the previous year.

· Projected jobs: 13,700

· Median Salary: $87,020

· Unemployment rate: 1.1%

#6- Web Developer: Up two spots from the previous year.

· Projected jobs: 24,400

· Median salary: $67,990

· Unemployment rate: 3.8%

#7- Computer Network Architect: Down two spots from the previous year

· Projected jobs: 10,500

· Median salary: $104,650

· Unemployment rate: 1.9%

#8- Computer Systems Administrator: Down two spots from the previous year.

· Projected jobs: 24,000

· Median salary: $81,100

· Unemployment rate: 1.0%

#9- Computer Support Specialist: Remains #9 on the list for top jobs in technology

· Projected jobs: 88,500

· Median Salary: $62,340

· Unemployment rate: 4.2%

#10- Computer Programmer: Remains #10 on the list for the best jobs in technology.

· Projected jobs: (-21,300)

· Median salary: $82,240

· Unemployment rate: 2.5%

2019 Top IT Jobs Unemployment Rate vs. National Average

The national unemployment rate in January was at 4.0%, that’s a 2.44% increase compared to last year’s rate. Check out the full January openings report for more information on labor statistics. We took this a step further and compared the top IT jobs unemployment rate with the national average. As a result, we discovered that 8 out of the 10 careers in technology are significantly below the national unemployment rate in 2019. This is great news for technology professionals, as it sets them above the curve for employment opportunities this year.

At Comrise staffing agency, we offer personalized staffing services for job seekers and employers looking to expand their career and business opportunities. Our experienced recruiters and account executives work with you to find the best tech jobs and qualified candidates within the IT and Engineering industry.

For Job Seekers: Refer to our open jobs to view current job openings in various industries.

For Employers: View our talent page to take the first step toward hiring experienced and qualified IT professionals for your company!

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