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Should Companies Stop Hiring Due to Covid-19?

April 21, 2020

Should Companies Stop Hiring Due to Covid-19? 

The moment COVID-19 made itself known to the world, there has been a debate about whether recruitment should still continue. Yes, many companies closed because of mandatory stay-at-home orders, but keeping their operations running shouldn’t be a problem at all. Employers should see the opportunity of having their employees work from home. At Comrise, we did not stop hiring activities, instead, we made sure business progressed as usual with additional follow-ups to our clients, weekly updates published regularly, and our inhouse teams working from home.

While COVID-19 is still at large, there is still valuable work to do to improve the economy. Hiring equals work, which then results in significant output that equals profit. Companies should keep hiring individuals who can work in both office and home environments. Below are some of the reasons to keep hiring activities going despite the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Be prepared:  

    Companies should always have a plan B or even a plan C to transform their workforce and adapt. A company’s business model in the thick of the current economic situation could decide its success.

  2. Seek growth opportunities:

    While it’s true that some companies are having trouble conducting normal business transactions, others see it as a stepping stone. The medical, healthcare, e-commerce, and logistics industries are examples of thriving companies despite the surge of COVID-19. Through this pandemic, good talent also has the chance to advance their career opportunities.

  3. Resort to different hiring platforms:

    Hiring employees via online platforms such as Careerbuilder, Workana, Indeed, or can help companies discover new talent. The content creation, program development, and online marketing aspects of the business could shine more this time with more highly-skilled online employees.

  4. Adopt new technology:

    Companies that have embraced new technology no longer work with conventional means of storing, sharing, and acquiring data. The cloud is now the source of project management tools like Monday, Trello, and Zoom. It also facilitates productivity tools such as Office 365 and Google.

  5. Don’t stop productivity:

    Businesses should strive to continue what they have worked so hard to achieve. The challenge brought by this pandemic should not hinder productivity. Stopping all work will only harm companies, workers, and the global economy. The opportunity to grow despite COVID-19 lies in the willingness to hire more talent to work in specialized areas.

  6. Educate your employees:

    There is an undeniable need for drastic and effective change for companies to protect their employees and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Business owners should be responsible for educating the employees about these new protocols. This way, everyone would be able to work while maintaining employee health.

There is an opportunity to progress despite COVID-19. Recruiting skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable talents can help companies survive the pandemic. These businesses can even thrive in the present health and economic situation because of effective recruitment strategies. With a new and effective design of workflow and the right means of communication, employees can remain productive.

Learn more about your recruitment options by getting in touch with us at talk2comrise or

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