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Comrise Exclusive Bridge To Talent Globalization Conference In Beijing

April 12, 2019

We had a great event in Beijing as our U.S President, Chris Ciulla, along with other experienced speakers in the industry, discussed solutions for Cross Border Recruiting and expanding your business overseas.

Check out our cross border recruiting solutions page today, and get in touch with an expert who will help lead your business to success. Here are the highlights from our event in Beijing and some advice from our experienced speakers.

On April 10th, Comrise held an “Overcoming Challenges and Breaking through Barriers” conference in Beijing, China. This event included attendees ranging from invited senior executives, human resources development professionals, personnel managers, and many more. The main reason for the roundtable discussion was to reach out to the number of well-known companies in attendance, and regain their attention to focus on the “problems and challenges encountered on the path to globalization.”  In addition, this included combining ideas on overcoming these challenges and exploring the idea of Chinese companies going global. Starting a new path and creating more opportunities for business growth overseas!

Mr. Chen Lingsheng, President of Comrise Communications Asia Pacific, shifted the audience’s attention to “Focusing on the Globalization of Talents”. Lingsheng first pointed out that globalization is a national policy  and at the same time meets the needs of the development of Chinese enterprises at this stage.Three aspects of the analysis were discussed as they included the risks and concerns associated with cross-border mergers and acquisitions. A few concerns were brought up regarding pre-merger, mergers, and post-merger as these are the current processes involved with globalizing talent.

Many Human Resource Developers who were in attendance were interested in the globalization case shared by Lingsheng. This is mainly due to Comrise’ extensive background and over 30 years of experience in human resources consulting and global recruitment. The Comrise team were able to share their experiences and give advice to those considering a new path in talent globalization.

Comrise’s US President, Chris Ciulla, also shared his expertise on overseas recruitment with his presentation on “Overseas Recruiting.” Mr. Chris Ciulla directed “The Pain Point of Global Recruitment” and told the guests how to implement the global recruitment strategies while showing them successful models of overseas recruitment through detailed cases.

Ciulla provided real examples of the importance of having a river guide for organizations planning to open operations in China from anywhere in the world. This also involves chinese companies  looking for guidance abroad in new markets. The role of the “river guide” was emphasized throughout the series with visual examples in Ciulla’s presentation. The recurring example demonstrated was the scenario that all companies looking to expand their business overseas faced various challenges because they may not understand the local labor laws, changes in economic environment, and lack  competitor research (to name a few).

Another speaker was Overseas Market Business Executive, Tong Li,  who shared her 23 years of experience in human resources management in multinational companies to the guests.

Li addressed the “Three Challenges that Chinese Companies Face When Conducting Overseas Business and Operations” and explained the four elements that must be in place to conduct overseas business: self-confidence, cultural sensitivity, differences, tolerance, and leadership roles and other content

After the presentations, guests were encouraged to share some candid and positive discussion points to help them recognize solutions to some of the problems encountered by their respective companies. Many concerns involved the globalization challenges they faced, successful experiences, and their own barriers that were difficult to break through.

How does Comrise approach successful business globalization?

There are three important contributing factors discussed regarding successful globalization. These factors include:  thinking globally, consider global company standards, and talent globalization.

This Comrise event brought  together the enterprises that have shared experiences over the need for globalization while exchanging ideas with each other. This allows the companies to deepen their understanding of “globalization” and finding solutions to its international path. Comrise will continue to serve the company’s “globalization path” and make unremitting efforts to help enterprises solve the “problems and challenges encountered in the path of globalization.

If your organization is planning to open operations in China from anywhere in the world or a Chinese Company looking for guidance abroad in new markets, our Talent Global Solutions team can help you win! Get in touch with one of our experts today and start leading your business to global success.

Introduction to Comrise
Comrise was founded in 1984, headquartered in New Jersey, USA, and it is a global consulting firm with more than 30 years of industry background. Comrise’s services combine global service network, leading cloud technology talent database platform, practical experience of domestic and foreign customers, and professional consultant team to provide talent hunting, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), and talent globalization. Services such as the program (TGS).

Comrise is the first member of the “Zhejiang Famous Enterprise Global Talents Service Alliance”, and cooperates with many well-known institutions such as CGGT to go out to think tanks to solve the problem of international talents for enterprises.

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