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Shangdu Dongdaqiao 8th Road

Chaoyang Disctrict

Tel: +86 10 5878 0578

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Room 2101, Peninsula

International Building,

182-8 Haier Road, Qingdao,

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Unit G, H, 18th Floor

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Xuhui District, Shanghai 200030

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26th Floor, Building 2 Xiang Nian Plaza Fifth Jitai Road

Gaoxin District, Chengdu, Sichuan China, 610041

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Wan Chai

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9 Skills Companies Value Most In 2019

April 1, 2019

According to a recent LinkedIn report, there are around 25 hard skills that companies value above all. Whether you are seeking to add new in-demand skills to your resume, or hire an experienced professional, here are the top 9 skills companies need most in 2019.

#1 Cloud Computing 

Related Skills: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Database Management, Programming, Cloud Migration and Development
With the rise of applications like Google Drive, Google Cloud, and Adobe Creative Cloud– the need for experienced professionals is growing. Not only are these applications essential for teams, but also remote employees. Software engineers are especially valued since this skill involves managing various remote internet software, servers, and cloud data. Companies are willing to spend more money on professionals with cloud computing skills because of the demand for remote software storage.

#2 Artificial Intelligence 

Related Skills: Programming Skills, Machine Learning, GDP Fundamentals, Data Analysis, and Data Modeling
This hard skill comes as no surprise, from tracking digital footprints in order to promote personalized ads to developing self-driving cars. Artificial intelligence is the future and employers seem to have caught on to this trend.

#3 Analytical Reasoning

Related Skills: Research, Analysis, Comparision, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Numbers and Data
Data organization, financial analyzing, and digital media marketing are among the few areas that require analytical reasoning skills. Whether you are preparing competitor analysis or working on increasing engagement with digital analytics. The ability to comprehend and present numerical data proves to be in effect.

#4 People Management

Related skills: Communication, Performance Feedback, Motivation, and Problem-Solving
Although it may seem like our efforts in technology have shifted the focus away from human interaction, people management remains number four on the top skills list! Technology is valued but so are people, and the results of a combined effort you drive as a team are valued much higher compared to results driven by one individual.

#5 UX Design

Related skills: Designing user-friendly Platforms and Software. Updating Products or Designs based on Data, Surveys, and User Feedback.
UX Design goes beyond knowledge of the application, product, or software by combining the overall satisfaction of the product. Professionals with a UX Design background typically understand the technical qualities and functions of a product. These skills include designing platforms and software that is user-friendly. In addition, UX Designers update a product or design based on data, surveys, and user feedback.

#6 Mobile Application Development

Related Skills:  User Interface Design, Back-end Computing, Programming, Business, and Marketing
Apps. We love them, and so do our future employers! Mobile application development continues to increase in demand. From high tech company, Apple, to small companies and entrepreneurs. Many businesses today put more money toward mobile apps and social media, mainly because it is convenient for users on-the-go. No more slow web browsers and bringing your laptop with you everywhere. There’s an app for that and so many other business needs. No hassle required just simple and effective productivity.

#7 Video Production

Related skills:   Film experience, Creativity, Graphic Design, Video Software, Editing, and Content Creation
Companies like YouTube are among the top reasons why consumers prefer videos over reading lengthy articles for information. Short social clips, Instagram stories, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube videos also have an impact on a brand’s credibility. That’s why more companies are leaning toward beginner to professional video production skills in order to drive their sales and marketing efforts. Like AI, video is the future of brand awareness!

#8 Sales Leadership

Related skills: Sales, Sales-Lead Applications, People Management, and a Solution-Focused background
Finding great sales leaders can be a challenge, which is why this skill is so desired. Sales leadership usually involves current knowledge of top sales applications, people management experience, and a solution-focused background.

#9 Translation

Related skills: Listening, Conversation, Writing, Communication, and Computer Skills
For companies looking to expand their business across borders or seeking diverse employees, language skills are a plus! We’re already connected globally through the internet and other platforms, the next step is language. Also, employees with a second language set you apart from the crowd. Making you more valuable and marketable in the workplace.

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