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Why Is Having a Strong Company Culture Important?

4月 20, 2022
Why is Having a Strong Company Culture Important?

If there’s one thing to be said about company culture, it’s that companies who ensure their workplace is open and welcoming while having exceptional values, are those that make a remarkable difference. Believe it or not, company culture can make or break a potential job candidate’s decision, or skew your current employees perception of the company.

That’s why we want to share four worthwhile reasons why having a strong company culture is important.

#1. It gives employees a common goal to work towards.

When a healthy and collaborative company culture is center stage at your organization, it ultimately provides your employees with a foundation that is people-driven. Employees want to feel that their individual efforts are impacting the company collectively. 

Take the company culture at Comrise for example. Comrise has implemented the concept of  “WeCulture” in order to engage and empower employees to drive results. They focus on the core values “Be Positive”, “Be Collaborative”, “Be Honest & Ethical”, and “Be the Spark”. These core values act as a way to operate each and every day giving their employees the tools to succeed.


#2. Colleagues represent the brand identity.

Aside from daily marketing tasks that ensures your brand is cohesive, it is important that colleagues are representing the brand. As Chris Ciulla stated in his book, WeCulture: Engage and Empower Employees to Drive Results, “Your employees represent your brand, product or service, and in today’s unforgiving business climate, their actions can make or break what has been built.”

Let’s take a look at personal branding on LinkedIn for instance. As a recruiter, potential candidates will be willing to ask for help if it’s evident you are aligned with the company you represent. Additionally, having a strong company culture will create an environment where employees will speak positively about their jobs even when they’re not on the clock.

Learn more about personal branding on Linkedin through our Tell All Talent podcast.


 #3. It promotes a “family-oriented” team environment.

Moving further along within the benefits of a strong company culture, is the “family-oriented” environment that it fosters. Since colleagues are able to effectively communicate with each other, this allows for total transparency and open communication.

When colleagues feel that they can openly communicate with one another, they are more likely to share their own ideas, thoughts, or respectful opinions without fear of judgment. At the same time, they are also more inclined to rely on colleagues for support and act with integrity.


#4. There is a decreased turnover rate.

As Chris Ciulla stated in his book, WeCulture: Engage and Empower Employees to Drive Results, Companies go to great expense to find the best talent, but if people don’t work together toward a common goal, turnover will follow.” After all, strong company cultures increase productivity and overall job satisfaction. Employees who feel fulfilled and content in their roles will have less desire to leave a company that values them.

On the other hand, losing employees comes with a pretty hefty price tag. When companies lose employees, they face costs within the hiring process, like onboarding and training new hires. Even then, finding the right people isn’t necessarily an easy task. With a strong company culture, you can rest assured that employees will enjoy their jobs.


At Comrise, putting people to work is what we do. Providing feedback so organizations can create fulfilling work environments for their colleagues is just part of how we do it. 

If you’d like to learn more about Comrise’s company culture, click here:


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