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What Should Companies Pay Attention To In Hiring In The Post-Epidemic Era? (Q&A with Angela Zhang)

8月 25, 2020

In this article, we have interviewed our Customer Success Manager, Angela Zhang, to talk about “What Should Companies Pay Attention To When Hiring In The Post Epidemic Era” In 2020, many companies face the challenge of adapting to the “new normal,” such as the hiring process, onboarding remotely, and working from home. Angela is an experienced Customer Success Manager who has worked with multinational companies from various industries. Today, we have invited her to share some of her hiring expertise to companies who struggle to engage in the post-pandemic era. 

1. Can you tell us a little about how you are helping your clients/hiring managers during this pandemic? 

“I have worked with clients from startups to mid-sized companies and global business giants. One of the common traits I found is that most companies have decided to outsource specific functions or skillsets to hire and recruit to a professional supplier. Outsourcing talents enable the company itself to focus more on business strategy and gain a more competitive advantage in their market. In the post-epidemic era, with the trend of talents getting more dispersed location-wise, remote working will be the new normal. The difficulties in hiring, cost-per-hire, and time-to-fill may also suffer. But there is still a demand for hiring the best talent across multiple industries. If your company or your team is facing a hiring challenge during the pandemic, I will be glad to share some of our talent hiring solutions.” 

2. What is the first thing you would recommend a manager to do before hiring? 

“First of all, as a hiring manager, I would recommend for them to consider this challenge from the company’s standpoint, not only from the team perspective but also from the company as a whole. The arising attention on efficiency and cost sensitivity may bring changes in the mindset and reaction. Conducting RPO services can also help to hire managers and solve the problem.”

3. How do you select the right staffing agency for your needs? 

“Due to the uncertainty of the global economy, I suggest hiring managers to choose to work with a supplier who provides customized solutions. At 讯升, we combine clients’ actual situation and budget, analyze the hiring need, and provide an optimized hiring plan to each of our clients. We provide a flexible package to our clients to choose the required services and service methods.” 

4. What are your recommendations for companies planning to expand hiring in the global market? 

“The hiring needs in different countries may rise as more companies expand globally. However, many emerging companies cannot conduct global hiring on their own. This process takes lots of time and costs for the company to become familiar with the process for themselves. While the results may not be as good as expected. In this case, I would recommend your team to introduce a supplier with global hiring expertise like 讯升. A global layout supplier like Comrise has sufficient international human resources and professional organizations with rich experience. We are experts in analyzing overseas talents’ needs, talent layout, and develop relevant strategies according to individual cases. At the same time, we help your team to develop an effective evaluation system.”

5. Why should hiring managers choose to work with Comrise?

讯升 understands the challenges and difficulties in hiring during the post-epidemic era. We help to hire managers to continue to employ top talent during this challenging time. Our services include the following: 跨境服务, RPO Staffing Services, 人才全球化解决方案, and Customize Hiring Solutions that fulfill our client’s requirements and satisfaction. Adapting to the new normal is a challenge for many hiring managers. However, our job is to provide a productive and efficient hiring process. If you decide to partner with 讯升, I can guarantee that your company is in the right hands.” 

About Comrise 

讯升 is a global staffing agency with over 36 years of experience. We have worldwide locations in North America and the Asian-Pacific regions. In 2020, we won “Best of Staffing 2020” for both Client and Talent Satisfaction. We are dedicated to our clients and aim to deliver quality services in various leading industries. If you have any questions or want to request more information on these services, feel free to reach out to Angela directly ( or contact us.

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