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Talent Solutions Without Borders (Q&A)

5月 28, 2020

Talent Solutions Without Borders (Q&A)

Comrise business development managers, Claire Li and Emma Wu discuss their collaboration with our U.S. Headquarters and global offices while working with clients to help them go global.

In regards to Talent Globalization Solutions, can you explain your role in the organization? 

Claire: My role is to help our clients win by finding the best talent to fit their needs, providing our clients with total talent solutions as they grow their global business.

Emma: I act as a bridge between the U.S., APAC, and China locations. We integrate global resources to bring the best services to our customers, extend our business, unify all offices to make Comrise collaboration among teams stronger.

Describe the collaboration between Comrise U.S Headquarters and your office in Chengdu?

Claire:  Comrise U.S Headquarters established a dedicated team specialized in the Business Development field. The Business Development Team based in Chengdu will be in charge of connecting and onboarding new clients while maintaining close client relations. After new clients onboard, U.S Headquarters will match the clients to the most suitable Delivery Team based on the client’s industry vertical. Our Chengdu office has around 100+ consultants focused on Delivery, the industries vary from IT, Medical, Manufacturing, FMCC, Real Estate, etc.

Emma: I think that the collaboration is great, it is a big move for Comrise, not only in becoming stronger with local business opportunities but in an effort to expand all our resources to achieve a greater global company, this is a win-win!  Companies are driven by individual contributions and climbing the career ladder, however; the collaboration needed for organizations to achieve their goals has taken center stage. Great organizations are built through the collaborative efforts of their people.

Which core value is essential for you to achieve client success and why?

Claire: Be Positive and Be Collaborative. Positivity can make everything happen and yield positive results. Be Positive is a life attitude since clients need Comrise “Can-Do” attitude as some jobs are quite critical in IT, engineering, and more technical roles. Some clients suffer a lot when attempting to source the right talent, but within Comrise support and collaboration, we help our clients and customers to win which speeds up the hiring process. Sticking by our motto “Together We Can” really makes a positive difference in the result.

Emma: Be positive, a good attitude is a key element, as you bring this attitude with you to work every day. If you a negative attitude, it not only affects your work ethic but also your client’s perspective or trust. Begin every day with one positive thing. When faced with a difficult task or challenge, it is best to consider how we can work through this and overcome it.

Explain what challenges do you help customers overcome?

Claire: One of our IT clients recently required a Technical Director to develop a new product. The client found me and asked for my help in hiring a  skilled Technical Director. This included conducting market research and talent mapping. In addition, with talent sourcing, this included sourcing for a local expert, as most of the mainstream engines are developed by foreign companies, it makes sense to select someone that is familiar with the company and business best practices. We also arranged for a hire of a project assistant to remove any communication barriers. Overall, the client appreciated our efforts and accepted the proposal.

Emma: One of our customers was looking for a developer in Ningbo, but it was difficult to balance good skills, low pay, fluent English, and location. So,  I adjusted the hiring strategy and shared the following with the customer:

  1. Skillset is a key element for this role. If we can extend our sourcing, we allow for more opportunities with experienced professionals, whether on location or working from home.
  2. List the target company’s candidate that is suitable for the customer’s company and role.
  3. After the adjusted hiring strategy, we found a suitable candidate and received positive feedback from the client.

What’s unique about Comrise Cross Border Services for companies from the U.S. and China?

Claire: Comrise Cross Border Team acts as a personalized market guide. We help guide companies who want to go global, whether you are in the U.S. or China.  We understand local best practices and have a supportive recruiting team to help source the best talent.

How does this work: If U.S companies want to open a studio in China, they could approach our U.S. headquarters directly, and we have a dedicated team of over 200+  employees in China to help them adjust locally. Moreover, if companies from China want to expand in the overseas market, our local teams arrange business meetings with them. Where our U.S headquarters will participate in the initial stage of setting up a new branch (starting from organization structure design, legal counseling, local market intelligence, etc.)

Emma: We provide global services for our clients, not just in local businesses or the U.S., we combine both U.S. and China’s advantages to maximize business globalization. This global layout gives us the opportunity to provide personalized local and global human resources services for our clients. It is truly a collaborative effort between Comrise and the customer, and we help make it all possible to ensure our client’s success.

What does “talent solutions without borders” mean to you?

Claire: No matter where you are or what type of talent you want in your company, Comrise will help you to hire, train, retain, and engage the right talent. Matching the right talent and helping our candidates become adjusted to the local practices since we always set our clients and talent for success.

Emma: We maximize utilization of resources, advantages, support, and so on. Our teams extend your business as much as we can while providing the resources to help our clients and candidates to win, regardless of their location!

How has the core value, Be Collaborative, helped you expand new opportunities for Comrise teams and customers?

Claire: Better teams make better players. Be collaborative is the cornerstone of a win-win. Because we have specialized counseling & delivery teams based in APA, Greater China Area, and the U.S., we navigate and mobilize the resources to satisfy and go beyond the clients’ expectations. Recently, our Chengdu Delivery Team (Thanks to Nick and Joanne) just closed a Cross Border Services case in less than 48 hours (from the job release till the candidate onboarding). This is how we live the core value “Be Collaborative” every day.

Emma: For Comrise, it’s great we can gathering all our businesses together to make Comrise stronger with a “Together We Can” mindset.  Also, we act as a family with our colleagues and teams, and Be Collaborative is something we stand by.

For customers, gathering all advantages of each location, each team works together to maximize the final result. Resource integration makes us stronger in the market and brings the best services to our clients.


Want to learn more about our cross border services and how we help companies go global?

Contact us today or visit our cross border solutions webpage for more information on our services.

Together We Can!



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