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4 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile (Job Seeker Edition)

6月 4, 2021

Headquartered in New Jersey since 1984, Comrise is a staffing, consulting, and enhanced search technology company. For over 35+ years we have delighted our clients, consultants, and job seekers by focusing on customer satisfaction, innovation, and flexible workforce solutions!

Job seekers today are seeking simple ways to update their current LinkedIn profiles while improving the job search process in the long run.  Below, we’ve outlined real advice from recruiters, resume writers, and marketing professionals (with examples) to help you  optimize your LinkedIn profile

1. Include top achievements in your LinkedIn profile summary 

One thing that is often overlooked for job seekers is the ‘About’ profile summary on LinkedIn. Recruiters and hiring managers sometimes only have a few seconds to quickly assess a candidate’s qualifications before moving on to the next. By utilizing the LinkedIn profile summary, it allows for you, the candidate, to summarize your top skills and achievements related to your expertise.

See the example below for reference in creating or optimizing your own summary.

“Results-driven Business Analyst with 5+ years of experience in the information technology industry. Candidate differentiators include increasing sales ROI by 34% while tracking and implementing new business solutions to optimize product selling.” 

Sarah Baker, Marketing Team Lead, at 讯升, states that when she conducts brand strategy training with her colleagues, the LinkedIn profile summary examples are really important. “You want to maintain both your personal and professional brand– the LinkedIn summary is an opportunity to do just that! I always encourage our new hires to be as creative as they like while maintaining a professional statement that summarizes their expertise.”

Pro tip: LinkedIn only displays the first three sentences, so it is recommended that you include your top achievements first then more detail regarding your industry experience.

2. Improve LinkedIn profile visibility with target keywords 

Keywords are essential for any LinkedIn profile, and it is encouraged to use specific keywords in your summary and work experience sections. However, did you know that incorporating keywords in your LinkedIn profile headline might help improve recruiter search results and profile visibility?

For job seekers, you may want to start with your current or most recent job title, followed by your area of expertise, and something unique about you. See the example profile headline from Forbes Magazine contributor/resume writer below!

Chief Marketing Officer | Trade Show Marketing | Visited 42 Countries & Counting

Pro tip: Make sure to refer to other professionals in your desired industry. Sometimes, a simple LinkedIn headline with a few target keywords is all you need!

3. Optimize your skills and certification sections to match jobs you are applying to

Job seekers should update their LinkedIn profile with skills and certifications that match the jobs they are applying to, for example, if a job description mentions a required skillset being a specific Salesforce application, you may want to include that software application in your skills section instead of a much broader term. Being more specific with the skills and certifications you incorporate is a great starting point!

Renu Goel, Senior Recruiter for 讯升 also stresses the importance of keeping your LinkedIn profile skills up to date,

“On a daily basis, LinkedIn suggests the best job openings in your field that match the skills listed on your profile. Even if you are passively looking for a job, you should proactively study the market by keeping a close eye on the suggested job opportunities. This will provide you with greater insight on some of the new technologies, tools, and skills that prospective employers in the market are seeking.”

Pro tip: Keeping your profile up to date is essential for better job recommendations and visibility. Check out the LinkedIn recommended jobs feature to see how well you are being matched to your new opportunity.

4. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s “Open to Work” feature

Do you want to let recruiters that know you are open to new opportunities? Utilize LinkedIn’s “Open to Work” feature located at the top of your profile. The key for most job seekers is to incorporate your desired job titles, industry, and the current locations you are available to work. This allows for recruiters to see your availability and properly match you to open opportunities as they become available.

For Zoe Ye, Cross Border Team Lead at Comrise, she emphasizes the importance of incorporating key parts of your resume in your LinkedIn profile and application, “This shows you are serious about the role and it’s even better when you’ve taken the time to emphasize key parts of your resume with that of the job description. This demonstrates that you’ve done your research as a candidate and now you’re just looking for that recruiter and salesperson to help you get that opportunity.

Interested in learning more about our current client opportunities? View the Comrise job portal on our website or LinkedIn for more information




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