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How is Artificial Intelligence Changing The Recruitment Process?

7月 8, 2020

How is Artificial Intelligence Changing The Recruitment Process?

With the development of science and technology, the emergence of artificial intelligence products, systems, and platforms for recruitment is endless. As a result, many people ask the question, “will recruiting be replaced by AI?” Today, Comrise brings a few main discussion points regarding this tech industry trend and provides insight into the benefits of staffing services.

1. Limitations of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI), with its big data and powerful computing power, has rapidly opened a world of opportunities in the recruitment industry. This efficiency can be difficult for most human beings to match. For example, according to experimental data, the efficiency of artificial intelligence in screening resumes is more than 60,000 times that of manual labor. However, efficiency and effectiveness are two different things. 

2. One-sided problem 

Although artificial intelligence can effectively screen resumes, it must have a data foundation. According to relevant statistics, most high-end candidates usually do not submit resumes online or in the talent market. This situation creates a one-sided problem for the data being presented. On the other hand, although there is no high efficiency in AI knowledge with recruiters.  They do however collaborate with a wide range of professionals on a more personal level. Meeting the needs of both the job seeker and client. Recruiters continue to accumulate a large number of passive job seekers and will take the initiative to customize the job search to fit that of the candidate. 

3. Depth Issues

The essence of recruiting should be to provide high-quality services for enterprises and candidates in the role of consultants. Artificial intelligence can screen qualified resumes for companies, however, resumes do not represent everything and cannot reflect the deeper qualities of candidates. Moreover, the majority of recruiters will fully understand the candidates through their communication strategy. This includes the following: contact via telephone, interviews, video chat, and in-person meetings. Personalized consulting services is one of the essential core values of recruiting, and also the place where AI falls short. The real human connection and personalized process that recruiting provides is essential and exceeds expectations. 

4. Follow-up questions

There is no conflict between recruitment and AI. Since technology is always the driving force for progress and improvement, in this intelligent era, the recruiting industry should introduce artificial intelligence. In addition, this can lead to the replacement of some simple and tedious noncore work with artificial intelligence. As a result, recruiters can focus more on the real value of the recruitment process which is to provide the best services for companies and candidates. 

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