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How Foreign Companies Can Attract And Hire U.S. Talent

3月 6, 2018

In order to gain or hold a competitive advantage in a global market, securing a highly skilled, top-tier workforce must be an essential element of your business strategy. Companies that are looking to expand into, or recruit from, competitive American markets can be met with monumental staffing challenges. These difficulties arise in part, because of not being able to locate a suitable number of candidates or not attracting the right caliber of talent.

How to reach top-tier talent in the United States?
You must adopt creative recruiting techniques to not only attract but also secure U.S. candidates. Recruiting methods are constantly evolving and even the most effective human resource professionals can require support when executing large corporate moves.

At Comrise we look to three fundamentals when helping a client scale their workforce regardless of the composition of U.S. personnel. These fundamentals are Talent Pipelines, Compensation Packages, and Corporate Branding.

Talent Pipelines: 
If talent pools become exhausted and are no longer providing adequate candidates, one way to regain traction is by establishing new talent pipelines. While more of a long-term strategy, internship and management trainee programs can be very effective at securing top-tier talent early in their career.

In the U.S., labor regulations allow for large companies to hire as many as 100 interns in a single year. These programs are structured to identify unrefined talent before competitors can acquire them in the general workforce. By acting early, these programs give your organization the ability to shape and revitalize even large workforces.

Developing multiple pipeline strategies will help your company overshadow previous recruiting difficulties while establishing a strong foundation for young talent to mature within.

If the right caliber professional doesn’t accept your employment offer, your compensation packages may warrant scrutiny. Top U.S. professionals are growing accustomed to lavish compensation packages; a strategy used to pique the interest of more candidates, including those with secure employment. Therefore, to remain competitive in the eyes of top-tier talent you will need to customize your offers. This can be even more imperative for positions that require relocation.

Beyond salaries and insurance benefits, other ways that your company can increase a candidate’s compensation include stock options, bonus structures, and/or relocation incentives. When surveyed, U.S. professionals consistently list relocation incentives among the top of their criteria to consider leaving their current position. One relocation strategy that organizations are utilizing is offering convenient housing solutions in exchange for less salary. This enriches the candidate’s perception of the compensation by simplifying their relocation process and decreasing their startup cost.

However, not every candidate is willing or able to relocate and the associated costs are often too large for either them or the employer. In these situations, telecommunication is a cost-effective means of hiring these candidates. Remote employees in certain circumstances are more productive and less likely to quit their job than comparable in-house staff. This is rooted in the employee’s ability to better balance their professional and personal responsibilities. Companies that have the ability to utilize virtual meetings, conference calls, and chat platforms to conduct their business can obtain top-tier U.S. talent by offering remote positions.

In contrast, large, all-encompassing office complexes, such as those found in the Silicon Valley and Texas, bring all of the employees’ needs into one centralized location. Gyms, doctors, shopping, childcare, and more are being currently incorporated in corporate offices. For employees, this removes many complexities of managing their personal life, allowing them to maximize their time and increase performance. Top-tier candidates, especially those with families, often appreciate these forms of compensation just as much as additional salary.

To attract varying types of experienced professionals to your company you should develop a variety of compensation packages to suit. To start, explore the motivating factors of each type of professional and leverage these in your offerings. Consider all elements of their life, and explore any method of making your company the most desirable to work for.

Corporate Branding:
If generous incentives aren’t enough to lure the professionals you desire, your corporate reputation and brand could be lacking. A negative or ambiguous corporate reputation, brand, and culture will deter many ambitious professionals in the United States. Done correctly your company’s brand can become an intangible competitive advantage that top-tier candidates will assemble around even if relocation is required.

U.S. professionals, especially millennials, strive to be a part of an organization that supports a more gratifying existence beyond production and profits. Therefore your organization should prioritize transparency and authenticity. This means that top-tier candidates expect to find a solidified corporate leadership, open and honest operations, and an authentic mission supported by core values that are exemplified by every element.

Various social media channels and websites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor offer a venue for current employees and potential candidates to connect. On these platforms, it has become common practice to divulge and rate their experiences often sharing testimonials, photos, interview questions, and even compensation details. As part of maintaining your corporate brand, your organization should monitor these regularly and respond quickly and positively to any criticism; improving areas as needed. This constant vigilance will pay dividends in the long run as your reputation draws notice from increasingly higher caliber talent.

How can we help?

We thoroughly understand the demands of international recruiting that go well beyond the aforementioned fundamentals. We maintain a firm and accurate understanding of national policies, industry regulations, labor laws, relocation requirements, and cultural considerations that are essential for success. Without a comprehensive and integrated approach, it will be difficult to engage a large enough number of top-tier candidates to realize a return on your invested time and money.

At Comrise, we have a robust and ever-expanding database of ready-to-hire talent. We work with progressive organizations regularly and they consider us a valuable partner in reaching both local and international talent. With office locations in the U.S., China, Hong Kong, and the Philippines our global staffing network combined with the industry’s best tools grants us the control to provide you with the highest quality talent and largest possible return on your human capital investment.

(To learn more about our Cross Border Services, Click Here)

With over three decades of success with executive searches, temporary assignments, temporary-to-permanent opportunities, and cross-border placements we are able to connect you with top-tier talent wherever they are needed.

For more information about attraction and securing top U.S. talent, contact us today.


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